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UnitSubjectGrade LevelsSubmittedTeacher
Industrialization Social Studies10th Grade9/26/2006Domonkos & Filips
Industrialization Social Studies10th Grade9/26/2006Hutchinson
Women’s Suffrage Movement Social Studies10th Grade9/26/2006DiFiori
Personal Economic Decisions Social Studies11th Grade9/26/2006Coates
Geography Social Studies6th Grade9/26/2006Colopy & Williams
Explorers Social Studies7th Grade9/26/2006Hall
Declaration of Independence Social Studies8th Grade9/26/2006Thompson
Civil War Social Studies8th Grade9/26/2006Spuzzillo
Civil War Social Studies8th Grade9/26/2006Kaschak & Knotts
Westward Expansion Social Studies8th Grade9/26/2006Macura
Credibility of Sources Social Studies9th Grade9/26/2006Lattime
French Revolution Social Studies9th Grade9/26/2006Sullivan
Imperialism Social Studies9th Grade9/26/2006Mahoney

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