HQT Lesson Details

Subject:Social Studies
Grade Levels:7th Grade
Date Submitted:9/26/2006 12:00:00 AM
Lesson Summary:The goal of this lesson is for students to research explorers of the First Global Age (1400 to 1750) and use their research to create a blog of events in the explorer, crew, or native person’s perspective using historically accurate chronological events, settings, and a map. Additionally, students will create fictional reflections of the explorer by drawing conclusions from their research. Students will read and respond to other student’s blogs using their own historical point of view. In this process, they will determine the identity of the exploring blogger and support their decisions with resource references. The intent is for this to be a culminating project with the collaborative efforts of the social studies, language arts, and media specialist teachers using a block period schedule. Additional instructional lab time is given daily to any student during their study hall period.
Download Lesson:  7_Explorers_Blog_Hall.doc