HQT Lesson Details

Unit:Westward Expansion
Subject:Social Studies
Grade Levels:8th Grade
Date Submitted:9/26/2006 12:00:00 AM
Lesson Summary:Each student will be given a Westward Expansion topic by drawing popsicle sticks. The topics include: Manifest Destiny, the Gold Rush, and the Trails Along the West. The students are individually expected to make an informational brochure appropriate for the time period (1845 – 1877) based on their topic. They will gather information in both their Social Studies and Language Arts classes by accessing resources from the library and the internet (http://www.hudson.edu/media/indexhms.htm). They will compile the information on Note Sheets meanwhile listing bibliographical information in MLA notation style. The brochure is expected to be factual and creative. It can be developed in a word processing document or by hand. Each student will present their brochures to the class while their classmates take notes on the given topic using the Note-Taking Sheets. The final assessment will then be given. The students will be able to describe the Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny’s effects upon the United States of America and how it was a major factor in causing the Civil War.
Download Lesson:  8_Westward Expansion_Macura.doc