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Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach

Science, Health, and Physical Education Content Consultant
(330) 945-5600 x511243
Room 35

My Services

Consultation Services
•  Science Standards-Based Curriculum Development and Implementation
•  Health and Physical Education Curriculum Development and Implementation
•  Science In-District Services
•  Ohio Assessment Data Interpretation and Analysis for Science
•  Curriculum Alignment (e.g., mapping, standards support, Understanding by Design, etc.)
•  Instructional Strategies and Assessment Development for Science
•  Curriculum and Technology Audit for Science
•  Science and Health Textbook Consultation
•  Resource Review (e.g., hands-on materials, kits, software, technology, web sites, etc.)
•  National Standards Movement in Science Education
•  Physical Education and Health In-District Services
•  Ohio Assessment Data and Analysis for Physical Education
Specialized Services
•  Project Aquatic Wild Trainer
•  Project Wild Trainer
•  Project Learning Tree Trainer
•  Operation Chemistry Trainer
•  Science Education for Public Understanding Fellow Trainer
•  Inquiry-Based Science Workshops
•  Literacy-Based Integration and Non-Fiction Science Resource Consultation
Supplemental Services
•  Understanding by Design Facilitator
•  Family Science Nights and/or Afterschool Science Endeavors (e.g., science fairs, Odyssey of the Mind, science clubs, etc.)
•  Undergraduate and Graduate Science Methods Education
•  Bernice McCarthy's 4MAT Learning Styles Advanced Training