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Pat Clayton

Social Studies, Foreign Language Content Consultant
(330) 945-5600 x511271
Room 32

My Services

Consultation Services
•  Social Studies Learning Standards Development and Implementation
•  Curriculum Alignment (e.g., Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions and standards support)
•  Instructional Strategies and Assessments for Social Studies
•  Social Studies Textbook Consultation
•  Resource Review (e.g., hands-on materials, kits, technology, web sites, etc.)
•  Social Studies In-District Services
Specialized Services
•  Professional Staff Development in the Areas of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
•  Professional Staff Development for Infusing Content Standards Expectations and Critical Thinking Processes
•  Development of Aligned Units with Learning Targets and Formative Assessments
•  Development of Evidenced-Based Set for Social Studies
Supplemental Services
•  Support to ESL Teachers
•  Implementing Historic Trunks into Classroom Experiences