LPDC Online

Developed at the Summit Educational Service Center, LPDC Online is a customized, web-based application that allows your teachers to fill out all of their LPDC forms directly online, store them, edit them, and then electronically submit them to your LPDC Committee. The Committee can then access the forms, review them, award credit and provide feedback on them back to the teacher.

By doing all of this electronically, you eliminate a lot of the tedious paperwork, and allow your teachers and committee members to focus on educational goals, rather than on menial tasks.

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Key Features

ODE Credentials

Educator certificates and licenses are imported directly from the Ohio Department of Education in order to ensure their accuracy.

Custom Branding

Your site will be customized to reflect the look and feel of your school. District logos, colors, names, and buildings are all added to represent your district.

Standards Alignment

Plans are all aligned to the Ohio Educator Standards. It is easy to assign the appropriate set of standards for educators, principals, superintendents, as well as treasurers and business managers.

Automated Emails

Emails are automatically sent out notifying educators when their forms have been reviewed. Emails can also be sent to alert staff members about expiring credentials, remind them to submit their documentation for activies, or other district notices.

Data Hosting

We host and back-up the program and all of your data so there is NO burden on your technology department.

Custom Forms

Our default forms align with ODE's recommended form templates, but you have freedom to customize the forms to meet your school district's needs.

  • Online access available anytime and anywhere!
  • Individualized staff pages track all submitted forms, approval status, credits awarded, and license renewal dates.
  • Easy to use for all of your staff!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact:

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Technology and Fine Arts Consultant
(330) 945-5600 x511283