iconSheffield-Sheffield Lake Local Professional Development Committee

  1. The LPDC shall consist of one committee at the district level. The SSLPDC is formed in concurrence with SB 230 and the negotiated agreement (Article XX) of the Master Agreement between the Board of Education and the SSLTA.

  2. Three teacher members will be nominated by the President of the SSLTA and approved by the Executive Committee of the SSLTA. The Superintendent will appoint three administrative members.

  3. Members can be replaced by a unanimous vote of the committee members, action by the SSLTA or action by the Administration. Criteria for removal might be poor attendance or breach of confidentiality or other reasons deemed appropriate by the committee.

  4. The secretary will be selected by a simple majority of the LPDC. A quorum for any SSLPDC is three of five members, to conduct business. The number of committee members needed to vote once a quorum has been established will be three plus two, the legal requirement. A majority of voting members will be teachers for a teacher?s review and a majority of administrators for an administrator?s review.

  5. In the event of a teacher-member vacancy, a notice will be sent to the staff in the applicable building. The SSLTA President will nominate the replacement to complete the unexpired term. The regular nomination process will determine further participation on the committee at the end of the unexpired term.

  6. The LPDC meetings are held monthly from September through May. The June and August meetings are scheduled at the discretion of the committee; July meetings will not be held.

  7. The chairperson has the right to cancel a meeting if there is no business to be conducted during that month. An emergency meeting of the LPDC may be called by the chairperson with concurrence of a majority of the members.

  8. Educators submitting an IPDP must do so at least ten (10) working days prior to the regular meeting date. Five (5) copies must be submitted to the chairperson.

  9. The chairperson is responsible for setting the agenda and distributing copies of the IPDP to members five (5) days before the meeting.

  10. Educators who become employed by the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District, but have an IPDP approved by another district must submit the IPDP to the committee for review and approval.

  11. Notices of LPDC meetings will be posted on the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District webpage.
    • Meetings of the LPDC will operate under the Open Meeting Act (Sunshine Law) and reflect the policy and procedures observed by the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District BOE.

    • Minutes and records of decisions made by the committee shall be maintained by the LPDC secretary and kept on file.

  12. The LPDC may recommend revision of this document (manual) by a majority vote of its members in favor of the amendment.
    • Amendments which alter the requirements for approved IPDP?s and/or approved course/activity proposals shall not negatively impact any individual who has already begun pursuit of a certificate or license.

    • Amendments may be suggested by any certificated employee. Amendments are to be submitted in writing to the LPDC chairperson, who shall make the LPDC aware of such suggestions at the next regularly scheduled LPDC meeting.

  13. Filing System: The LPDC will retain files for staff members during the period of their current license. At the end of this period, the file will be return to staff member and a new file will be created.