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Using Semester Hours to Fulfill Professional Development Activity Requirements

License renewal requires completion of 6 semester hours.  One semester hour of credit is equivalent to 30 contact hours or 3 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

You must submit an official transcript to the LPDC for each course you take.  Grade reports cannot be accepted as verification that you completed the course.

Coursework must focus on at least one of the following areas:

  • Subject matter:  Increase the knowledge of subject matter to create effective learning experiences for students
  • Student learning:  Increase the understanding of how students learn and develop to create opportunities for student academic development which may include intervention strategies

  • Diversity of learners:  Increase the knowledge of the differences in how students learn and how to apply techniques to accommodate such diversity
  • Planning of instruction:  Improve planning of instruction based on knowledge of subject, students and curriculum goals and models.
  • Instructional strategies:  Improve the design and implementation of instruction that encourages each student to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

  • Learning environment:  Improve the learning environment by encouraging active, engaged learning, positive interaction and self-motivation for all students
  • Communication:  Increase the understanding and use of a variety of communication skills including verbal and nonverbal techniques, technology, and media to increase effectiveness.

  • Assessment:  Improve the use of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student progress
  • Reflective Practice:  Analyze past experience and pursue individualized growth opportunities to improve professional performance for increased student learning
  • Student Support:  Increase the knowledge of how to work with parents, family members, school colleagues and community members to support student learning and development

  • Legal Responsibilities:  Increase the knowledge of legal responsibilities as it pertains to teaching and its impact on teachers, students and school districts.