Results Icon Professional Development Standards

  • Subject Matter - Increase the knowledge of subject matter to create effective learning experiences for students or area of responsibility.

  • Student Learning - Increase the understanding how students learn and develop to create opportunities for student academic development.

  • Diversity of Learners - Increase the knowledge of the differences in how students learn and how to apply techniques to accommodate such diversity.

  • Planning Instruction - Improve planning of instruction based on knowledge of subject, students and curriculum goals and models.

  • Instructional Strategies - Improve the design and implementation of instruction that encourages each student to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Learning Environment - Improve the learning environment by encouraging active, engaged learning, positive interaction and self-motivation for all students.

  • Communication - Increase the understanding and use of a variety of communication skills including verbal and nonverbal techniques, technology, and media to increase effectiveness.

  • Assessment - Improve the use of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student progress or district progress.

  • Reflective Practice - Analyze past experience and pursue individualized growth opportunities to improve professional performance for increased student learning.

  • Student Support - Increase the knowledge of how to work with parents, family members, school colleagues and community members to support student learning and development.

  • Leagal Responsibilities - Increase the knowledge of legal responsibilities as it pertains to area of licensure and its impact on teachers, students and school districts.

  • Financial Responsibilities - Increase the knowledge of school finance and stay current on the latest information important to the district.

  • School Improvement - Increase knowledge on best practices, current research and requirements from the Ohio Department of Education.

  • Leadership - Improve knowledge and skills in providing leadership and establishing goals and direction.

  • Technology - Increase knowledge and skills in regard to the use of technology within the school environment.

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