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Local Professional Development Committee By-Laws


A Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) shall be established to review professional development plans composed of coursework and/or other professional development activities.

arrowCommittee Membership

The LPDC shall have four teacher members appointed by the NHEA President and three administrative members appointed by the Superintendent. Vacancies in membership shall be filled in the same fashion.  However, when a professional development plan of an administrator is being considered, one of the teacher members shall not participate and an additional administrator, appointed by the Superintendent, shall become a member of the committee for the purposes of considering the administrator’s plan.


The committee chairperson shall be determined by majority vote of the committee members.

arrowTerm of Office

The term of office for LPDC members shall be three years for teachers and administrators.


The LPDC shall meet on a monthly basis, beginning at 3:45 P.M., except for the month of June and the month of July, when there will be no meetings. Regular meetings will be scheduled on the first Monday of the month.  Applications to LPDC should be submitted online; verification of coursework and contact hours must be submitted to Central Office. Emergency meetings may be called by the Chairperson with the concurrence of a majority of the members.

arrowDecision Making

Decisions shall be made by majority vote of the LPDC members present, with a quorum consisting of five members.

arrowCompensation and Training

The committee chairperson shall be paid a supplemental contract at .075 of the B.A. base salary, while individual committee members shall receive a supplemental contract at the rate of .060 of the base salary.

If the LPDC believes training is necessary, release days may be granted with the approval of the Superintendent.

arrowBoard Support

The Board will provide the LPDC with meeting space and secretarial support.  All LPDC records will be kept in the appropriate district office. Educators will have access to their individual plan and records. Only current LPDC members will receive access to all records.

arrowEvaluation of Proposals

LPDC committee members shall evaluate each proposal in advance of meeting dates. During meetings the secretary shall compile final evaluations based upon discussions.

arrowRevision of Proposals/Appeals

In the event the LPDC does not approve an individual professional development plan, the certificated/licensed employee may resubmit a proposal which has been refined or revised in areas specified by the LPDC. In the event the committee does not approve a resubmitted individual professional development plan, the certificated/licensed employee may appeal such denial in writing to the committee chairperson within twenty calendar days of such denial, Similarly, should the committee refuse to approve a request for credit, the affected employee may appeal such denial in writing to the chairperson within twenty calendar days of such denial. If the committee within ten calendar days of the chairman’s receipt of the appeal does not reverse its decision, the affected employee may initiate, in writing and directed by the committee chairperson, a decision on the appeal. That final and binding decision will be rendered by a three-person panel, with one member chosen by the affected employee, one person chosen by the Superintendent, and a third person chosen by the NHEA President.